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Basic info
Name: Bella
Sex: Female
Location: USA 
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Religion: Atheist
Occupation: part time at the movie theater
status: single as a pringle
Colors: pink, purple, yellow, green, cornflower blue, lemon yellow, periwinkle, lilac, sky blue, baby blue
food: cauliflower, doritos, french fries, white chocolates, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, bolognse, margherita pizza, salad with lots of dressing, bread rolls, heath bar, m&ms, chicken fingers, ice cream cake, m&m cookies, sugar cookies with frosting, enchiladas
drinks: arnold palmer, pepsi, oreo cookie crumble drink from starbucks, strawberry lemonade, dr pepper, sprite
animals: bunnies, puppies, pandas, whales, cats, unicorns, hamsters, frogs, turtles, snakes, monkeys, penguins, dolphins

Dislikes: The sun, those talk show hosts like jimmy kimmel and trever noah, psychics class, nosy people, being interrupted, liberalism and conservatism, religion, having to wait for fifty fucking hours for someone to stop talking so I can say what I wanna say, where I live, fizzy water and seltzer, cooked tomatoes, peppers, the government, people who hate animals, people who look at their phones while driving, having my chin and neck be sticky, when someone comments on how I look if I don't know or like them, homophobes, when I have to yell something I already said because people can't be bothered to listen, school, computer animation, ableists, when someone tells me how beautiful they think my birth name is, cheaters, people who act dumb on purpose in an argument, marvel, trap music
favorite TV: Criminal minds, law & order special victims unit, numb3rs, CSI shows, NCIS shows