I love violent video games, especially first person shooter ones. It's so satisfying to be able to get your anger out.
Horseback riding! I love grooming and spending quality time with horses because they are such loving animals, and they even show their affection by hugging you with their long necks! Horses are super fun to ride as well, you can go on peaceful walks or do competitive sports.
exploring and going on nature walks! Nature is one of the more relaxing things for me, it's the kind of sensory relaxation that I love. The noises and the smell and the air, all of it is so perfect to me.
Listening and discovering new music!
Interior design and decoration! I love making things look pretty, especially my own spaces like my bedroom!
Traveling, whether it's to new Countries and lands, or on simple nostalgic road trips, I just loving going places, to the old and new!
I love thrifting and shopping! Some of my favorite stores are buffalo exchange, hot topic, and I'm always looking for new thrift places!
Photography and photo editing! Taking photos for memories or to capture beautiful places, or making random things look super cool!