One of my biggest interests is history, specifically history of the 20th century. I just love all the fashions and music as well as political science and history.
Horror media, whether that be scary stories or classic literature like Dracula, it's super interesting how the horror themes are developed. I just love to be scared :D My favorite genres of horror movie is thriller, slasher, psychological, gothic, or body horror.
Lost media! Something about it just intrigues me...
Iceberg charts, basically for any topic.
Old web design and internet in general.
Vintage film and movie stars. Just the idea of old hollywood, without all the racism and terrible treatment of young women, it's just such an interesting hallmark of historical media, especially from the 1920's to 1940's, in my opinion.
True crime, not podcasts or that shit, but lost media and research mainly on my own.
Fashion design and the history of fashion across different subcultures, such as aggrotech, gothic, punk, mall goth, and more.
Makeup looks, such as costume and kid makeup looks in general
Atheism, but satanism is cool too
heres a little about my infatuations....